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Passionate. We love what we do and it shows.

We’re nerds about this stuff. From the minutiae of quarter inches to the overall picture of most efficient placement, we care about the details. Our clients know that we eat, drink and sleep civil engineering, stormwater management, and dry utilities. That’s why they frequently call us for project advice. Our staff are constantly learning and applying best practices, so we can take pride in our projects. 

Civil Engineering

UDCE goes beyond minimal drawing delivery. We are designers - intimately involved from project beginning - assessing site conditions, foreseeing obstacles, and designing solutions. We are project advocates - ready and able to adeptly navigate projects through approvals, permits and agency overlaps. We are communicators - dedicated to transparent, effective and positive communication strategies that propel our projects forward. 

Civil Engineering Services

  • Site Development

  • Grading and Drainage

  • Utility Services/ Locating 

  • Streetscape and Pedestrian Design

  • Water Detention, Retention, Infiltration, and Harvesting & Re-Use

  • Creek Improvements


  • Land Use, Entitlements, and Discretionary Permitting

Dry Utilities/
Joint Trench

Using our ample civil engineering experience, UDCE provides joint trench/ dry utility designs that fit the site as well as agency requirements. Our project managers own the end-to-end experience of design delivery - proactively communicating and coordinating with agencies and team members throughout. Since timing is of the utmost importance, our joint trench schedules are utility agency driven. We look for opportunities to foresee and resolve existing condition conflicts. We review contracts and tariffs. We act as advocates for sound solutions on behalf of our clients.

Joint Trench Design & Coordination Services

  • Joint Trench Substructure Design and Composites

  • Utility Agency Applications and Coordination 

  • Coordinate Vault, Cabinet and Tie-in Locations

  • Temporary Electric Service

  • Utility Scheduling

  • Utility Contract Review

  • Street Lighting Photometrics and Design

Street Lighting
Photometrics & Design

We handle basic city/agency coordination, lighting rep and manufacturer consultation, all the way to energization, so you can sit back and watch your project shine. UDCE has numerous urban street lighting projects in the ground and energized, contributing to projects' public safety and style. From standard street lighting in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and all the communities in between, using basic city-standard LED luminaires or high-design lighting fixtures that really make a statement, we bring our in depth knowledge and experience with local conditions, local regulations and regulators, and local team members to directly benefit your project.



UDCE frequently provides permanent and temporary Stormwater Management solutions for projects as part of our overall civil engineering scope or as stand alone services. We use our expertise and copious experience to lead the project team through the stormwater process, coordinating closely with the Landscape Architect and Plumbing Engineer as necessary. We are State-Qualified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Developers (QSD) and Practitioners (QSP), ready to assist to our fullest. UDCE has worked closely with SFPUC since the inception of San Francisco’s SMO, so we are familiar not only with its requirements and accepted applications, but also its evolutions and multiple lessons learned.

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